Our Mission

To provide technology-driven value adding services for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and West Africa.

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Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) materials are alternative to carbon steel pipes especially for corrosive, aggressive and normal duties.

GRE piping is suitable for:

 Plant process piping
 Oil & Gas flowlines, up to 4000 psi pressure
 Potable water distribution schemes
 Power plant piping
 Offshore platform applications
 Downhole tubing and casing

Some GRE pipe advantages:
It is cheaper over the project life because it does not corrode
There is improved flow capacity due to lower pipe friction characteristics
It require little or no maintenance unlike carbon steel
It is suitable for use in swamp (sweet and salt) water environment which is corrosive and aggressive
It weighs far less than carbon steel, which is a major advantage for offshore applications.
It is cheaper and faster to install than carbon steel

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Our Vision

To become one of the leading Indigenous oil and gas service companies in Nigeria and West Africa by 2010.


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